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Combining modern & unique designs with unexpected plant based materials is one of my favorite things. This nostalgic Fibershed Certified handwoven textile will be a conversation piece in any space with its conscientiously sourced elements.  


  • Measures:
    • 46" [from top of hanging bar to bottom]
    • 17" woven width
    • 24" bark width
  • Hung on a oiled walnut wooden dowel 


    • Natural white Rambouillet Wool Roving


      • Big Leaf Maple Bark
        • The blue grains are a stain that comes from fungi learn more here
        • collected locally in Mt. Tamalpais, CA
      • Dried bloomed & partially bloomed purple & green artichokes
        • Sourced from a local sustainable family farm in Mt. Tamalpais, CA
      • Dried Princess/Empress seed pods
        • A friend & local farm owner in Mt. Tamalpais, CA traded eggs for the seed pods
        • Sourced in Stinson Beach, CA
      • Dried Buckeye Nut
        • Sourced from a local sustainable family farm in Mt. Tamalpais, CA
      • 100% Organic Cotton Bolls
        • Naturally colored cotton
        • The first cotton to be organically bred and grown in the USA
        • Sourced from a local sustainable farm in Capay Valley, CA
      • Dried Baby Blue Eucalyptus 
        • Collected locally from annual tree trimming in Sonoma County, CA

      Please email to schedule. Local delivery & installation is available for an additional fee, fee depends on distance and complexity of installation. 

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