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Hooks + Leather Loops

Hooks + Leather Loops

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Organize + style your home at the same time: our collection of sleek & handy hooks. They perfectly complement our Hanging Dowel, Rail & Suspended Strap Systems or even just hooked over your stove or cabinet handle. These little numbers are perfect for retail display, craft fairs, entryways, jeans, shower curtains, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, mudrooms…the possibilities are endless!



a set of three (3) hooks [choose your style] & optional leather straps



  • Length: 3.5 inches
  • Width: 1.5 inches


  • Length: 4 inches
  • Width: 2.5 inches


  • Total length: leather from top to bottom 5 inches long 
  • Loop length: where the hook goes into the leather around to where the hook goes into the leather 4.25 inches


This product is crafted using materials sourced sustainably from local vendors, small businesses, and farms. Reducing transportation emissions while supporting our local community.
This item is created using cowhide, which is a by-product of the beef industry. We responsibly source it from a local vendor who shares our ethical and environmentally friendly values.
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