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Wooden Dowels

Wooden Dowels

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Crafted with meticulous care and precision, our birch dowels offer a light and elegant touch, while the walnut dowels bring a touch of sophistication with their rich, dark hue. They add depth and character, creating the perfect balance of strength and aesthetics that will take your project to the next level. Our dowels are made without any dyes or chemicals, ensuring a natural and environmentally friendly choice.



    • One (1) dowel in your choice of size and wood type.

    Both of our wood species are made from 100% real wood and we never use any dyes or chemicals to treat our wood or to obtain its color. 


    • Color is nearly white with very little variation
    • Hardwood 
    • Natural finish - untreated

    Black Walnut

    • Color can range from a medium light (sapwood) to a deep chocolate brown
    • Hardwood - Strong but lightweight
    • Oiled finish - walnut oil


    For more information see our guides in the listing photos.

    • 8.5" long x .75" diameter
    • 15.5" long x 1" diameter
    • 20.5" long x 1" diameter
    • 28.5" long x 1" diameter
    • 36" long x 1" diameter


    This product is crafted using materials sourced sustainably from local vendors, small businesses, and farms. Reducing transportation emissions while supporting our local community.
    This product embodies our love for nature and is crafted using plant-based materials such as wood, collected tree bark, dried plants, and plant-based dyes. This ensures that this part of the product is biodegradable.
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