Our Team

Owner & Designer 

“Thinking back on my childhood, while most children daydream about being firefighters, astronauts & doctors, I dreamt of becoming an interior designer.”

Keyaira Terry is an artist with a bold spirit & an old soul. Born and raised in Ukiah, a small farm town in Northern California, Keyaira had a childhood that was deeply connected to the soil & earth, learning to use everything around her as a tool or resource. Keyaira spent her formative years with her grandmother sewing, tending to the land they lived on, & caring for an array of farm animals. Trading goods & commodities among their close-knit farm community was commonplace & shaped Keyaira’s perspective on sustainability & the true meaning of “locally sourced”.

Keyaira recalls utilizing all the resources available to her & minimizing waste as being a paramount part of her existence, “if we didn’t have it we made it, if something broke we fixed it”. These collective experiences helped cultivate Keyaira as an artist & inspire her present-day work & ethos — A homespun nostalgia with a modern sensibility, rooted by a love for natural, sustainable & ethically sourced materials.

After living in the Santa Rosa area for over a decade, Keyaira has returned to her hometown of Ukiah. Although she no longer teaches weaving workshops, Keyaira remains dedicated to promoting sustainable living through intentional choices in her personal & professional life. Keyaira & her husband Weston are now the stewards of three acres of land, where they practice rotational grazing with a small herd of sheep & are working to create a carbon-neutral property through a carbon farming plan. They plan to implement several sustainability measures on the property, including planting hedge rows, edible landscaping, installing water catchment systems, & adding solar power. In addition, Keyaira plans to use the fiber the sheep produce in her woven works, promoting locally sourced & ethically produced materials.

Studio Manager

"I have big dreams & working with Keyaira inspires me daily that I can accomplish everything my heart desires."

Chloe is a motivated & enthusiastic young woman. Born & raised in the same small town as Keyaira their common roots have fostered a rich understanding & mutual appreciation for each other's experiences. Initially, Chloe began her journey in an entry-level role, where her tasks included sorting leather, punching holes, & handling various small studio duties. She quickly demonstrated a strong work ethic moving up to a full-time position processing orders & now is essential to daily operations as Studio Manager. Chloe takes pride in her journey from the ground up, recognizing the profound importance of even the smallest details in delivering the best possible products to our customers. She feels perfectly at home in her role & credits Keyaira for being a supportive mentor, guiding her professional growth.

Looking ahead, Chloe is determined to turn her ambitious dreams into reality. She aspires to become a nurse & is torn between the rugged beauty of the Oregon coast & the wildlife-rich mountains of Montana as her future home. Inspired by Dolly Parton's wisdom, Chloe embraces the mantra of "find out who you are & do it on purpose." During her leisure time, she indulges in fishing, camping amidst the redwoods, & taking scenic drives.

Graphic Designer

"I strive to add color, joy & positivity to the world through my art & design."

With a BFA in Visual Design/Illustration & over 15 years of experience as a freelance artist, Lisa is well-equipped to handle the complexities of our graphic design needs.

Outside of her work for us, Lisa runs her own creative small business small business 'Lisa M Griffin Art' from her cozy studio in beautiful New Hampshire. A New England girl at heart, she is inspired by living on the East Coast with it's colorful seasons, lovely natural settings & wildlife. Lisa uses a blend of traditional & digital mediums to create her art, often featuring whimsical places, sweet characters and softened textures. A self-described creative achiever, her work has been commissioned for greeting cards, gift items, magazines and 20+ children's books.

When Lisa is not in the studio or working for us, she enjoys yoga, reading, & being outdoors in the sunshine.

Our mission

We strive to create functional & beautiful pieces that have a nostalgic feel with modern sensibility while using natural, local, sustainable and ethically sourced materials as much as possible.

What We're Made Of . . .

  • We conscientiously source materials from local vendors, small businesses & farms. By doing this, we support our local community & also reduce transportation emissions.

    Our goal is to be mindful of our planet by making conscious choices.  

  • All leather hides used in our designs are by-products of the beef industry. They are responsibly sourced from a local vendor that aligns with the same ethical and environmentally friendly mindset as we do.

  • Inspired by the love of nature, our designs use unexpected materials such as wood, tree bark, plant based dyes, dried plants & vegetable tanned leather.

    Usage of plant based materials brings our work full circle, benefiting the soil & planet, making our home décor biodegradable.

  • Many of the raw materials used originate from local small batch producers & Fibershed farms.

    Fibershed is a local non-profit organization that develops regenerative textile systems that are based on carbon farming, regional manufacturing, and protection of our biosphere.

Our Story

In 2014, Keyaira opened, selling unique handbags with leather accents. Naturally evolving and self-taught, she transitioned into custom leather work and tapestry weaving. Keyaira completed her first fiber installation piece in 2016 for the office of Michael Cantwell, MD. In 2018 she started teaching her unique style of weaving at several venues across the bay area. 2019 brought a new opportunity for Keyaira; she combined her love of leather and fiber in her first solo exhibition at Gallery 212 in Sonoma, California.

She has collaborated with companies such as Ariat, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, 3north, Studio 11 Designs, Bustle Events and has been featured by Apartment Therapy, Amazon Handmade, Etsy, American Farmhouse Style Magazine, and Sonoma Magazine.

You're Making a Difference

Planting Trees, Crafting Hope

We proudly partner with Trees for the Future, an organization dedicated to planting trees and improving the lives of communities worldwide. For every potholder we create, we purchase yarn from a business that collaborates with Trees for the Future, resulting in one tree planted per potholder. Through this partnership, we not only craft beautiful, functional products, but also contribute to the greening of our planet and the empowerment of communities in need. Join us in making a difference, one tree and one potholder at a time.

Proud Fibershed Artisan

As a dedicated Fibershed producer, we are committed to creating eco-conscious, high-quality textiles using locally sourced fibers from our fellow Fibershed members. By working together, we actively promote regenerative agriculture, support our local community, and strive to reduce the environmental impact of the textile industry. Discover the beauty and sustainability of our Fibershed-crafted products, and join us in making a positive change for our planet.