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Towel Hugger [Skinny - 2 pk]

Towel Hugger [Skinny - 2 pk]

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Tired of constantly picking up kitchen towels from the floor? Our Towel Hugger offers a stylish solution. Born from the need for practicality without compromising on aesthetics, our sustainable, high-quality leather ensures your towels stay firmly in place on oven handles or towel bars. Featuring a robust genuine brass screw closure, ensuring towels stay put, even when little ones pull on the leather. 



  • Two (2) Towel Huggers

Durable Brass Screw Closure


For more information see our guides in the listing photos.


  • Leather width: .5 inch
  • Loop Circumference: 6.25 inches


This product is crafted using materials sourced sustainably from local vendors, small businesses, and farms. Reducing transportation emissions while supporting our local community.
This item is created using cowhide, which is a by-product of the beef industry. We responsibly source it from a local vendor who shares our ethical and environmentally friendly values.
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