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Leather Suspension Strap

Leather Suspension Strap

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Crafted from our top-quality sustainably sourced leather, these straps elegantly transform any space. Designer's tip - When used as ceiling-mounted curtain rod holders, these straps create the illusion of a larger room. This simple yet effective design technique can redefine your room aesthetics, elevating your home decor to a whole new level. Looking for a stylish yet practical solution for drying clothes? Mount these straps under your cabinet to serve as a unique cloth drying rack in your mudroom or laundry room. Alternatively, turn your window frame into a hanging indoor jungle by pairing it with our Plant Hammocks

For the perfect length, please use our guide in the listing photos to determine the correct length.

We offer wooden dowels for purchase either individually or as components of our;



  • One (1) or two (2) leather Suspension Strap(s)
  • Parts for assembly: Screw & Wall anchor (holds up to 150lbs)
  • Installation instructions

*props including dowels are not included as part of this product.

We do, however, offer wooden dowels for purchase either separately or as components of our;

  • Suspended Storage Straps
  • Suspended Garment Rack
  • Paper Towel Holder
  • Individually



  • 1 inch wide
  • length is determined by your selection [please see sizing guide in the listing photos]


  • Ceiling or wall installation select a 1.5 inches long option
  • Cabinet installation select .5 inch option


This product is crafted using materials sourced sustainably from local vendors, small businesses, and farms. Reducing transportation emissions while supporting our local community.
This item is created using cowhide, which is a by-product of the beef industry. We responsibly source it from a local vendor who shares our ethical and environmentally friendly values.
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