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This simple yet bold woven sculpture screams minimal/modern with a farmhouse twist. Adorned with rare purple artichokes that bring me back to 2019 when I got the opportunity to tour the small farm that I sourced these prized artichokes from. When visiting the places & people that I source my materials from I find myself enveloped in the stories of the land & the dedication it takes to run these kinds of operations. Although this farm is on a small patch of hilly land at the base of Mt. Tamalpais, every effort has been made to take advantage of the natural resources at hand. The land owners use a roof catchment system that supplies all the water they need year-round for flowers, olive & apple trees, that they sell locally. In addition, chickens and rare Santa Cruz Island sheep graze the land, keeping it clear of brush to maintain fire prevention.



Terracotta Hoop:

  • 12.5" Outside diameter
  • Locally sourced terracotta from Sacramento, CA
  • Hand thrown in Sonoma, CA
  • Natural white Rambouillet Wool Roving
  • Natural white New Zealand Sheep’s Wool
    • Hand-felted in Nepal, sustainably sourced from a local San Francisco based business
  • Dried bloomed & partially bloomed purple & green artichokes
    • Sourced from a local sustainable family farm in Mt. Tamalpais, CA


Please email to schedule. Local delivery & installation is available for an additional fee, fee depends on distance and complexity of installation.

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