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Chunky Mustard Woven Basket

Chunky Mustard Woven Basket

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This mixed roving and thick felted yarn crochet basket is thoughtfully and suitably sourced. You can read more about these materials and where the come below.

• Height is 8.5 inches
• Diameter is 14 inches across
• Mustard Thick felted yarn - Hand felted in Nepal
• White thick roving - Carbon farmed
• Chocolate leather handles

I am proud to not only be supporting a fellow small business owner and artist but subsequently contributing in providing job opportunities for women that hand felt this yarn in Nepal as they rebuild their lives after the devastating 2015 earthquake in Nepal.
• 100% New Zealand Sheep’s Wool
• Ethically sourced
• Hand-felted & dyed in Nepal
• Provides job opportunities for women in Nepal as they rebuild their lives from the 2015 earthquake and ongoing development challenges

Climate beneficial, carbon farmed – yes, please! However, I didn’t want to sacrifice the quality that is often absent in roving typically produced with this type of sustainable practice. When I came across this roving I quickly realized that I had discovered the best of both worlds – high-quality and sustainable. When working with the Natural White Rambouillet, I feel as though I am literally working with a cumulus cloud.
• Natural Rambouillet Wool Roving
• Carbon Farming & Climate Beneficial Wool
Fibershed Certified Product

I thoughtfully source materials from a local vendor
that aligns with the same ethical and environmentally
friendly mindset as myself. All cowhides used in my
designs are responsibly sourced by-products of the
beef industry.
• Smooth finish with very little imperfections
• A med -soft temper, smooth tight grain.
• chrome tanned process
• full aniline leather
• water based dyes
• 2 - 2.2mm thickness

This Lanolin Rich Hand-Spun Vintage Wool yarn gives the perfect accent to the thick mustard colored felted roving.


This product is crafted using materials sourced sustainably from local vendors, small businesses, and farms. Reducing transportation emissions while supporting our local community.
This item is created using cowhide, which is a by-product of the beef industry. We responsibly source it from a local vendor who shares our ethical and environmentally friendly values.
The fibers used in this item are certified by Fibershead, guaranteeing their origin from local small-batch producers committed to carbon farming, regional manufacturing, and the protection of our biosphere.
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